Government Plans Grant for Workplace Charging

Government Plans Grant for Workplace Charging
The Government are planning to introduce a grant for workplace electric vehicle charging

The Government are expected to introduce a new grant for workplace charging points for electric vehicles this summer.

David Martell, CEO of Chargemaster confirmed: "We have been informed that there is likely to be a workplace charging grant established this summer by the Government.

"I'm told there will be an announcement in July. It hasn't been decided exactly how much the grant will be, but certainly there will be support by the Government for putting in charging points in work premises, which is particularly relevant to fleets."

Currently, the Government does not offer any financial backing for business EV charging points but discounts are available for domestic units. If the scheme goes ahead, it will be a huge step forward for creating a greener society, helping businesses to promote electric driving.

Wayne Millward, fleet consultant at Arval, told BusinessCar: "I think [a grant] would encourage take-up a lot more. A lot of companies are saying 'it doesn't cost that much to put a charging point in', but when they look at the electric infrastructure in their building and they've got to run a cable for something like 200m to get the power where they need it - that's where the cost is. Anything that would subsidise that action would be a massive benefit."

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, a spokesperson for the Department of Transport and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles said fleets should "watch this space. Fitting charge points in workplace car parks is a huge opportunity. We know there is an appetite out there from businesses".

Details about the amount of funding available and length of time for which it will run are yet to be revealed. An official announcement confirming the scheme is said to be happening in July, so watch this space.

Here at SLM Nissan we are extremely excited about this potential grant, so more and more people will be able to enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles. For more information on the Nissan LEAF, click here.